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Kidstuffonline: Buying online

For many of us buying online is still a scary experience. We have all heard of the friend who paid for something only to never have it delivered, or getting something of poor quality. It might have even happened to you. Which makes it difficult to just trust any business out there. But with the current times, online shopping is becoming more popular and even necessary for safety reasons.

I started because being a busy mum, I sometimes forgot that my baby ran put of diapers and would then have to purchase the first pack I could find. When I actually did remember to put all these on my shopping list, I would then have to comb through all the catalogues to find the best prices in order to save a few Rands. It was never easy and took away most of the fun of shopping for my little ones.

I soon discovered online shopping. No queues, check! Delivered to my door, check! Reasonable prices, not so much. I was also pretty worried about the quality of the goods I was purchasing. Yeah your regular name brands like Pampers and Huggies I could trust, those I did not know was another story. Yip I was sceptical alright.

Which got me to thinking, could I do better? I would like to think so, was my answer. So I spent months researching. Many of the larger names only deal with established companies, which meant getting my site up and running with what I could and then build from there.

My main aim with Kidstuffonline is to provide quality products from local distributors at reasonable prices. To bring your baby products, clothing and accessories to your doorstep safe and in perfect condition. To offer unique solutions to your baby needs (coming soon) and gift inspirations (coming soon).

I know it isn’t easy knowing whom to trust, but give Kidstuffonline an opportunity and we promise to do our best not to disappoint. If you are worried about receiving your goods then try out our new COD option. You can pay via cash or credit card upon delivery.

Is there anything that an online website can do to help you feel more comfortable purchasing from them? Let us know the comments section.